Mountain Trail is one of the fastest up and coming equine disciplines. Whether you want to show or just enjoy backcountry riding, training on the trail course will enhance your human/equine relationship and build confidence in you and your horse. It helps create an equine that slows down and thinks through things as he/she goes through obstacles. You can expect to create a more solid trust in your horse when you venture out into the real world environment. Each obstacle has been developed to recreate the real world backcountry environment. All the obstacles will initially be approached in-hand with halter and lead rope. Once confidence is established in each horse, we will move into the saddle. With this approach, you can learn to drive your horse through any obstacle in training or on the trail. This keeps the rider in a safer position while letting the equine figure out how to negotiate a tricky situation. A horse from any discipline will benefit from this training.

If you have a young horse or a longtime companion, Mountain Trail has something to offer everyone.