Horse Biographies




Aries is a 9 year old 15.1 hand Polish/ Spanish Arab. He was purchased as an endurance and mountain trail horse 6 years ago. He came with a very quirky personality and is one of the most intelligent horses at the ranch. He will open gates, cans, feed bins and anything else that is challenging even carabineer's! He has done well in mountain trail and is our resident go to for the beginner/ novice rider who needs a confidence builder. He is a pro at all of the obstacles and makes it look easy. He started jumping this last year with our junior riders and is doing well over 2.6 ft jumps. He also came in top 10 for the first time at and endurance ride. So, if you need a boost of confidence in your riding request Aries.



Thor is a 7 year old 16.3 hand 1700 lb. American Cream Draft. This breed only has 400 of them in the U.S. They were the only American bred draft horses that were developed for riding and driving.  They also have a high percentage of the champagne gene. This gene gives them their palomino coloring as well as their gorgeous amber eyes. Thor is very comfortable on the trail course and we use him for our taller students who want a big ride. He is also gaited and has a huge ground covering stride that makes him very unique. He does not think he is a draft and will keep up with our Arabs on trail rides. He also jumps and does dressage. Request him if you want a big ride.



Luna is a 13 year old 14.2 Kiger mustang. Luna was a domestic born Kiger out of wild parents. He was raised on 5000 acres and was not halter broke until he was 3. We got him as a 3 year old and started him for dressage, endurance and trail riding. He has also has been shown in mountain trail and knows the course well. He is a great horse for a smaller rider who wants to build confidence but still have some spice to there mount. He is also fun to take dressage or working equitation lessons or clinics on.



Colbalt is 4-year-old Arab Dutch warmblood cross. He is a kind and gentle guy who loves attention, mountain riding and treats. He has been under training since February 2018 and is an amazing ride who tries hard to give his best. He was purchased by owner Chris to be her next eventing horse.


Chip is a purebred Andalusian that came up from Texas spring of 2018. He comes from one of the top sires in the U.S. and was originally going to be a breeding stallion. His owner changed her mind due to a eye problem that can be passed down by breeding. He has been under saddle for 7 months and is an amazing ride. He has the classic Andalusian movement that is very uphill and fun to ride. He has been started in working equation and shows lots of promise in this discipline. He also likes to rail ride as long as its not to steep! He is available for lessons.


Diego also came from Texas and was gelded in 2018 as a 3-year-old. He was started under saddle in August 2018 and is proving to be a very fast learner. He was also purchased to do working equitation but also shows an aptitude for jumping. He loves the trail and is bold and forward. He will also be available for lessons in 2019 and is a handsome mount.