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Moving always brings the angst of not knowing people and services that you've come to rely on in your old home. Will you find something that is as good or better than what you're used to? Well,  I was more than pleased when I found equestrians deep in the heart of Central Washington that have a passion and interests like mine! Wow! Whether it's technical trail riding, bare hoof care, mountain trail course work or any of the other challenging and horse friendly activities that take place up the beautiful Nahahum canyon, I have found "My People"

Claire S.


It has been a week since I took the July 2017 Mountain Trail Riding clinic at Rendezvous Ranch and still feel like I’m walking on air.  The three day course was exhilarating.  I learned and experienced so many techniques which have made me feel confident to tackle the rigors of high alpine trails. 


When I first arrived at Rendezvous Ranch I was impressed by the quality and setting of the entire facility: it’s cleanliness, sheltered paddocks, arena and the amazing obstacle training course, all surrounded by hills dotted with Ponderosas. 

One obstacle looks like a 15 foot high wedding cake made with horizontal telephone poles and dirt.  I didn’t think we would we would be going up there but we did! Constructed of real things a horse and rider would encounter on the trail, the obstacles were logs, granite boulders, bridges, lodge pole pine and water.  There were also features made with giant tractor tires, with squishy footing to develop agility and confidence.  I don’t think there is another place like this in the State of Washington. 


Chris Jonason, our trainer and owner of Rendezvous Ranch, was brilliant at breaking down the challenges of each obstacle into the basic skills needed to be successful for the horse and rider. The

techniques she and her assistant, Kristen, used made our horses relaxed and willing to tackle the progressively challenging features.  At first we lead our horses in hand and drove them trough, later we rode our calm horses with their heads down and their footing was sure.  As proof of their excellent teaching methods, there was a little Palomino pony, having been ridden only six times, who was able to complete everything without a blow up!


The Mountain Trail Riding course at Rendezvous Ranch exceeded all my expectations. I can’t wait for my next wilderness trail ride, thank you Chris and Kristen. 


Ruth M.