2.5 Days Magic and Miracles with Dr. Suzan Seelye

We are proud to offer clinics this year with Dr. Suzan Seelye. She has been working on our ranch horses for over 6 years and has been an inspirational force in how we keep our horses happy and healthy. She has taught Rendezvous Ranch owner, Chris Jonason her amazing techniques in quantum healing and communication.

Dr. Suzan Seelye’s revolutionary and truly unique approach to healing and wholeness incorporates numerous healing modalities to facilitate the animal’s transformation to radiant health. This is achieved through total structural alignment, utilizing spinal and deep muscular treatment, traditional Chinese medicine, and energy healing to evolve a completely healed body from the inside out.

This clinic is designed to get each student to become grounded and present in there bodies so that they may then start to attain self-carriage, balance and confidence on and off there horse. Learn about your
horse’s behavioral problems and how to resolve them. Evolve your horse’s

health by bringing them back into a state of balance to optimize all the
organ systems using Chinese Tuina.  You will delight in
creating balance through the magic of Chinese Tunia and centered riding.

You can bring your horse or reserve one of our ranch horses.

Cost: $295.00

Coming in 2018

Equine Quantum Healing Immersion Part I with Dr. Suzan Seelye

Bring your joy, curiosity, a light heart and come prepared to experience the magic when like-minded gather!

Empower yourself with knowledge and experience in this intimate setting with internationally acclaimed holistic veterinarian, Dr. Suzan Seelye, DVM, CVA, CVTP.

In this immersion you will learn how to apply simple concepts of Quantum Physics with the art of Chinese Tui-na to create balance in the horse and yourself to allow the ideal healing machine, the body, to heal from anything including lameness, behavioral issues, internal medicine issues, allergies – the list is endless.

We begin our Immersion into the science of Quantum Healing and the art of Chinese Tui-na at 9:30 Saturday morning. Those of you bringing horses please arrive by 9 to give you and your horse some time
to get settled. Sunday begins at 9:15.   

The mornings will be spent in the classroom learning the principles of
holistic horse care, along with how to be your own horse's healthcare CEO.
We will also delve into the concepts and principles of quantum physics, the
science behind neuroplasticity and the power of the mind
….how to rewire your brain to create anything you want in your life
….just like I did when I rewired my brain to have 20/20 vision after a
lifetime of wearing glasses (I literally threw away my glasses 10 years ago).
Afternoons will be spent taking our newly learned knowledge to the horses
and developing your own unique artistry with the magic of Chinese Tui-na.

Lunch will be provided, Please bring a snack to share with all. Also bring a
yoga mat or blanket if you have one and your own water. Wear comfortable
clothes for the mornings as we will be doing some discovery of our own
bodies through movement, stretches, and psoas discovery. Bring paper to
take notes and if you have any dietary no-no’s, please to let us know.

Your homework before coming to Immersion Part 1 is to watch the 2 links below.



Bringing your horse is optional.  Please add paddock fees if you are bringing your own horse.

Includes: Lunch

Cost: 595.00

Coming in 2018