Rendezvous Ranch Young Riders

Rendezvous Ranch is committed to providing a safe and fun learning environment for our junior riders.  We strive to make many learning options available so your child can participate in the discipline of his or her choice.  Currently our young riders can learn basic horsemanship & safety, Mountain Trail, Working Equitation, Dressage, Jumping, and basic Western riding.  We also offer Barefoot Trimming to teenagers of appropriate age.  Please contact us to find out how we can help your young rider.

*Discounts available to students in 4H, Pony Club and FFA.

2 Day Combined Discipline Youth Clinic

Our 2 Day Combined Discipline Youth Clinic is a discounted 2 day clinic providing our young riders the chance to try out two of the fastest growing new disciplines in the USA, Mountain Trail and Working Equitation.  Day 1 is a preview of Mountain Trail.  We start our day in hand showing our students how to safely and properly handle their horses while working them through obstacles.  We then work on riding skills needed to safely ride trail type obstacles.  Day 2 is a preview of Working Equitation.  We go over the 3 phases of
competition then practice on our Ease of Handling course. 
The young riders use the skills learned in day 1 to work through the EoH
course as well as learning some new skills.

Includes: Dry camping and horse paddock

Cost: $200


July 5-6, 2018
August 5-6, 2018


Youth Equestrian 5
Day Camp

This five day program is designed to benefit riders with previous horsemanship skills but also includes those who have only ridden a few times. We will be combining three disciplines to mold each student into an accomplished trail rider and equestrian. You will first be introduced to the horse assigned to you for the duration of the camp. Then you will be appointed a stall, tack, and given care details. While in attendance, we will go through safety procedures and rules. 

The first two days we will introduce the student to our unique trail course with lessons to accomplish rider competence on obstacles. 

The third day we will go deeper into dressage and equitation. This will involve arena riding in the morning. The instructors will break down in more detail your seat as well as natural and artificial aids enabling you and your horse to move smoothly together as one. 

On the afternoon of the third day you will become acquainted with the
fastest growing discipline of Working Equitation. This quickly growing
sport combines the skills of dressage mixed with tasks performed by horse
and rider in a fine dance of artful riding and skill. Each rider shall ride the
ten obstacles and become familiar with moving their horses through an
obstacle course. Rider and horse can walk, trot and canter as ready. 

Practice will proceed on the fourth day with lessons again in the morning
and the trail course in the afternoon. Day five will include practice and a
small competition over five of the obstacles. Students will be judged on their
performances. Awards will be given at the end of the day.

Included: horse, tack, helmet.

Number of participants: Eight per session

Cost: $600.00 per person