3 Day Mountain Trail Horse Clinic

Mountain Trail is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the horse world. Whether you would like to compete or be a better partner with your horse on the trail, this course can help. The work that you will do with your horse during this 3 day course will create the ground work for a safe and sane mount out on the trail. There will be over 30 obstacles that we will work on as well as arena work to achieve the basic foundation. From beginner trail to advanced trail, there is something for everyone.

The course will begin in the classroom to explain the training methodology and then you’re off to get your horse in hand with just a halter. You will work on basic ground work that will teach your horse to move on the haunch, shoulder, forward, back, and laterally. Next you will work through the basics of moving through cavelletis and simple obstacles while driving your horse in hand. After lunch the group will move onto the trail course to work on the teeter totter, bridges, water, logs, and more. Day 2 will be under saddle. Trail obstacles will be ridden after they have been accomplished in hand. Day 3 will be spent on the trail course then out on a trail ride that has real world obstacles to test your new skills.

Each course will be limited to 10 students and taught by 2 instructors, ensuring lots of hands-on attention. Chris Jonason has 35 years of horse experience and apprenticed with Mark Bollender for 2 years. She was his first certified apprentice. Chris gleans from both her extensive back country experience as well as Mark’s teachings. She presents an easy step-by-step methodology that will help you and your equine friend attain your goals. Chris was an outfitter and farrier for over 35 years with vast experience in the mountains. Horse and rider will be taught as individuals with consideration for their own goals and desires.

Includes: All dry camping and horse paddocks.

Cost: $400.00
Auditors: $25.00 per day

June 2-4, 2017
July 28-30, 2017

Women In The Wilderness

Women in the Wilderness was last offered 13 years ago by Washington Guides and Outfitters. We, at Rendezvous Ranch, believe this special program was so beneficial to women that we want to offer it once again. Yes, it is for women and taught by women. The different skills offered are Mountain Trail through obstacles, packing and rigging, and Dutch oven cooking. There will also be an introduction to the benefits of equine natural hoof care and barefoot trimming, as opposed to traditional farrier methods.

These skills are taught by experienced horsewomen with years of combined expertise. Each night you will enjoy a hearty Dutch oven dinner that you have helped create and prepare. The riding will be directly from the ranch onto thousands of acres of state land. If you have a special interest not listed, please let us know when you register and we will see if we can accommodate your wishes. Bring your own horse or rent one of ours.

Includes: All dry camping and horse paddocks.

Cost: $460.00 with your own horse
           $610.00 with a ranch horse
Auditors: $25.00 per day

May 26-28, 2017
June 23-25, 2017
August 18-20, 2017

5 Day Bare Hoof Trimming Clinic

This course is a comprehensive look for any owner who wants to have a basic knowledge of what to look for in a good bare hoof trim or shoeing. We will look at and dissect cadaver hoofs to unravel the intricacies of the horse's hoof and how it functions. Each student will have a chance to trim a cadaver hoof and their own personal horse. We will have space for only 10 students.

Students can participate in the first 3 days for $339.
Add paddock fees if you are bringing your own horse.

Cost: $565.00
Auditors: $25.00 per day

March 3-7, 2017
June 9-13, 2107

Rendezvous Ranch Youth Equestrian Camp

This five day program is designed to benefit riders with previous horsemanship skills but also includes those who have only ridden a few times. We will be combining three disciplines to mold each student into an accomplished trail rider and equestrian. You will first be introduced to the horse assigned to you for the duration of the camp. Then you will be appointed a stall, tack, and given care details. While in attendance, we will go through safety procedures and rules. 

The first two days we will introduce the student to our unique trail course with lessons to accomplish rider competence on obstacles. 

The third day we will go deeper into dressage and equitation. This will involve arena riding in the morning. The instructors will break down in more detail your seat as well as natural and artificial aids enabling you and your horse to move smoothly together as one. 

On the afternoon of the third day you will become acquainted with the
fastest growing discipline of Working Equitation. This quickly growing
sport combines the skills of dressage mixed with tasks performed by horse
and rider in a fine dance of artful riding and skill. Each rider shall ride the
ten obstacles and become familiar with moving their horses through an
obstacle course. Rider and horse can walk, trot and canter as ready. 

Practice will proceed on the fourth day with lessons again in the morning
and the trail course in the afternoon. Day five will include practice and a
small competition over five of the obstacles. Students will be judged on their
performances. Awards will be given at the end of the day.

Included: All meals, overnight lodging, horse, tack, helmet.

Number of participants: Eight per session

Cost: $800.00 per person


July 3-7, 2017
July 10-14, 2017
August 7-11, 2017

2 Day Working Equitation Clinic

Join us for an introduction to working equitation! Working equitation is an international equestrian sport growing quickly in the United States and consisting of three phases–dressage, ease of handling (a judged course of obstacles), and speed (a timed course of obstacles). This fun, informative two-day clinic will consist of an overview of the sport, course walk, Q&A, guided ease of handling sessions, and a mock competition on the afternoon of the second day if time permits. Horses and riders of all levels and disciplines are welcome to try working equitation in this supportive environment or advance their working equitation skills for the show ring.

Includes: Dry camping and horse paddock

Cost: $260.00
Auditors $25.00 per day

May 20-21, 2017
July 22-23, 2017
August 26-27, 2017

2.5 Days Magic and Miracles

with Dr. Suzan Seelye

We are proud to offer clinics this year with Dr. Suzan Seelye. She has been working on our ranch horses for over 6 years and has been an inspirational force in how we keep our horses happy and healthy. She has taught Rendezvous Ranch owner, Chris Jonason her amazing techniques in quantum healing and communication.

Dr. Suzan Seelye’s revolutionary and truly unique approach to healing and wholeness incorporates numerous healing modalities to facilitate the animal’s transformation to radiant health. This is achieved through total structural alignment, utilizing spinal and deep muscular treatment, traditional Chinese medicine, and energy healing to evolve a completely healed body from the inside out.

This clinic is designed to get each student to become grounded and present in there bodies so that they may then start to attain self-carriage, balance and confidence on and off there horse. Learn about your horse’s behavioral problems and how to resolve them. Evolve your horse’s health by bringing them back into a state of balance to
optimize all the organ systems using Chinese Tuina.  You will delight in
creating balance through the magic of Chinese Tunia and centered riding.

You can bring your horse or reserve one of our ranch horses.

Cost: $295.00

July 8-10, 2017


Equine Quantum Healing Immersion Part I
with Dr. Suzan Seelye

Bring your joy, curiosity, a light heart and come prepared to experience the magic when like-minded gather!

Empower yourself with knowledge and experience in this intimate setting with internationally acclaimed holistic veterinarian, Dr. Suzan Seelye, DVM, CVA, CVTP.

In this immersion you will learn how to apply simple concepts of Quantum Physics with the art of Chinese Tui-na to create balance in the horse and yourself to allow the ideal healing machine, the body, to heal from anything including lameness, behavioral issues, internal medicine issues, allergies – the list is endless.

We begin our Immersion into the science of Quantum Healing and the art of Chinese Tui-na at 9:30 Saturday morning. Those of you bringing horses please arrive by 9 to give you and your horse some time to get settled. Sunday begins at 9:15.   

The mornings will be spent in the classroom learning the principles of holistic horse care, along with how to be your own horse's healthcare CEO. We will also delve into the concepts and principles of quantum physics, the science behind neuroplasticity and the power of the mind
….how to rewire your brain to create anything you want in your life
….just like I did when I rewired my brain to have 20/20 vision after a
lifetime of wearing glasses (I literally threw away my glasses 10 years ago).
Afternoons will be spent taking our newly learned knowledge to the horses
and developing your own unique artistry with the magic of Chinese Tui-na.

Lunch will be provided, Please bring a snack to share with all. Also bring a
yoga mat or blanket if you have one and your own water. Wear comfortable
clothes for the mornings as we will be doing some discovery of our own
bodies through movement, stretches, and psoas discovery. Bring paper to
take notes and if you have any dietary no-no’s, please to let us know.

Your homework before coming to Immersion Part 1 is to watch the 2 links below.



Bringing your horse is optional.  Please add paddock fees if you are bringing your own horse.

Includes: Lunch

Cost: 595.00

September 2-3, 2017


4 Day Mountain Trail Trainers Clinic

This clinic is an intensive training course that will help you to learn the skill needed to train horses for Mountain Trail. Whether you want this knowledge for back country horses or competition it will help you achieve a closer partnership with any of the horses you train. We will help you acquire the timing in the in-hand ground work and then move into the saddle to get the flow, timing and precise movements that are needed for showing. We will work on each student as they will be judged by a certified judge through each obstacle. This will help enhance your training by acquiring the communication need to keep your horse straight and engaged through each obstacle. Each day we will work on basic equitation before hitting the course to help with aids and riding skill. You will also work on trotting and cantering between obstacles.

Includes: Paddock and dry camping

Cost: $565.00
Auditors: $25.00 per day

September 1-4, 2017

4 Day Working Equitation Trainers Clinic

This clinic is an intensive course that will help you on your way to be able to train horses or students in the art of W.E. As one of the fastest growing disciplines in the U.S, there is a need for more trainers and lesson givers for this fun, fast paced sport. Day 1 we will start with working on dressage and basic training principles for the sport. Day 2 will work with the obstacles and our certified judge will help give understanding to exactly what they are looking for through each obstacle. We will also work the course at speed as well and each horse and rider will get a chance to ride the course as a whole and get judged and critiqued. Each day will add training principles and tips for riders and horses. We will also discuss young horses and starting their training to the course and bringing them along for success in this discipline. We will have a few young ranch horses that we will be working through the course as examples.

Includes: paddock and dry camping

Cost: $565.00
Auditors: $25.00 per day

September 8-11, 2017

If you need to pay by check or money order please send to:
Rendezvous Ranch
9140 Nahahum Canyon Rd.
Cashmere, WA 98815

A 50% deposit is required at the time of registration. This deposit becomes non-refundable 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the course. Students may change dates after this time. The balance will be required 2 weeks before the course. Payment arrangements may be available for qualifying students. We will begin processing your registration when we receive your payment. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail from us. Gear can be purchased from the school at a discount. Check out the gear list page or call about what you will need for class. Gear will be supplied for the first 2 weeks of class.

10 day Barefoot Trimming Course

Rosemary Farms South  Kortnight NY October 18th to the 27th 2019


10 Day barefoot Trimming course

at Rosemary Farms South  Kortnight NY

This course is a comprehensive course for anyone looking for a new career with horses. This is an in-depth, intensive course of anatomy, mechanics, techniques of the barefoot trim.  We will start by trimming and then dissecting cadaver hoofs to unravel the intricacies of the horse’s hoof and how it functions. We will discuss Laminitis, Navicular and other common hoof related problems. After 2 days working on cadaver hooves we will then start working on live horses.  We will have space for only 12 students.  There will be a certificate of completion after the course is finished.  If owners would like to sit in on the first day to get educated on barefoot practices  the cost would be $100 for the day.

Course Cost: $1400   October 18th to the 27th    Includes gear for trimming

Location Rosemary Farms South  Kortnight NY

Local lodging is available call for more information.

Bare Hoof School 10 day  Syllabus

Day 1- Introduction’s and 10-day agenda. Philosophy of barefoot and history. Barefoot V shod and why the controversy. The horse’s hoof and proprioception. Transition v never shod. Life style and region how climate, diet and nutrition’s effects on feet. Amount and style of riding and owner expectations. Terrain, number of miles, disciplines and age and past use of the horse. Pathological changes in the horse and in their feet. 

Videos: Dr. Bowker anatomy and hoof function KC La Pierre dissection video

Day 2- Look at wild horse hooves, anatomy and review function. Tools and there uses. Introduction to a set up trim and the guidelines for trimming. Customer check list of questions prior to trimming. Watching the horse move on a level surface walk and trot, looking for compensation and checking musculature bi-laterally. Giving the owner realistic expectation’s for barefoot, booted or glue on. Demonstration Trim by instructor, Review and Questions Lateral Balance/Wall Flares/Mustang Roll • Checking lateral balance. Maintaining lateral balance of the hoof minimizes stress on connective tissues in the foot and on joints of the foot and leg. • Safely addressing irregularities in wall thickness. Hooves that have been allowed to grow too long or that are not laterally balanced will develop protrusions or irregularities in wall thickness. Students will learn how to safely remove these without over-thinning hoof wall. • Mustang Roll. A signature characteristic of the natural trim. Students will learn how to begin the roll from the bottom and finish it from the top.  Students will trim one foot on live horses. We will be working on moving around, getting in trimming positions and use of the hoof stand and tools.

Customer Checklist:

  • Age of horse

  • Disciplines

  • How often is the horse ridden and for how long

  • Type of terrain ridden on

  • Diet and supplements

  • Pasture size or stalled.

  • Footing in pasture

  • Past history any lameness or body issues, diagnosis of conditions

  • Horse happiness on scale of 1-10

  • Previous variations in the gaits

Maintaining records for each customer 

Day 3: Student trims and dissection’s.

Day 4: Going from shod to barefoot and the transition. Things to ask the owner how long have they been shod, what have they been used for, do they go barefoot in the winter, what are the owners expectation’s for barefoot? Taking of shoes and the first set up trim. Making sure the owner knows they should either transition into glue on the first go around or they have to have boots with pads. The transition with glues on is a little less painful than just boots. Students will be trimming hooves today.

Day5: Horsemanship and getting under a horse and using the stand with a live horses. Backs v fronts left side v right side. Young horses and training them to stand and give feet. Students will be trimming hooves today.

Day6: Horsemanship and naughty horse. Intro to tying up legs and draft horses. Students will be trimming hooves today.

Day7: Students will come in to trim a live horse and I will be the new customer. How brek over effects horses.There will be 2 horses to set up and trim today.

Day 8. Saddle fit and how it can effect a horses gait, attitude and well being. A more in depth look at anatomy and gaits.  Gaited horses and break over. Students will be trimming live horses today.

Day: 9  Marketing, book keeping, customer relations. How to do a business and marketing plan. Checking number of trimmers in a area.  Students will be trimming live horses today after the  lecture.

Marketing options:

  • Local adds at feed stores and business cards 

  • Craigslist ads do a few different ones with good quality pictures and a cleanly written bio and services. Why and how are you different?

  • Adds in local little nickel and papers.

  • Press release to send to horse journal’s

  • Add in the local horse journal’s Horse source, North West horse

  • Look for internet recourses to list you name on for bare foot services.

  • Have your own website and blog and do pictures on it.

  • Facebook and Instagram

  • Do talks with your local 4-H and pony clubs to promote barefoot practices and educate people

Students will trim horses today.

Day 10:  Intro to boot styles and glue ons, uses and fitting. Students will be doing trims.