10 day Barefoot Trimming Course

Rosemary Farms South  Kortnight NY October 16th to the 27th 2019



10 Day barefoot Trimming course

at Rosemary Farms South  Kortnight NY

This course is a comprehensive course for anyone looking for a new career with horses. This is an in-depth, intensive course of anatomy, mechanics, techniques of the barefoot trim.  We will start by trimming and then dissecting cadaver hoofs to unravel the intricacies of the horse’s hoof and how it functions. We will discuss Laminitis, Navicular and other common hoof related problems. After 2 days working on cadaver hooves we will then start working on live horses.  We will have space for only 12 students.  There will be a certificate of completion after the course is finished.  If owners would like to sit in on the first day to get educated on barefoot practices  the cost would be $100 for the day.

Course Cost: $1400   October 16th to the 27th    Includes gear for trimming

Location Rosemary Farms, South Kortright, NY

Local lodging is available call for more information.

Bare Hoof School 10 day  Syllabus

Day 1- Introduction’s and 10-day agenda. Philosophy of barefoot and history. Barefoot V shod and why the controversy. The horse’s hoof and proprioception. Transition v never shod. Life style and region how climate, diet and nutrition’s effects on feet. Amount and style of riding and owner expectations. Terrain, number of miles, disciplines and age and past use of the horse. Pathological changes in the horse and in their feet. 

Videos: Dr. Bowker anatomy and hoof function KC La Pierre dissection video

Day 2- Look at wild horse hooves, anatomy and review function. Tools and there uses. Introduction to a set up trim and the guidelines for trimming. Customer check list of questions prior to trimming. Watching the horse move on a level surface walk and trot, looking for compensation and checking musculature bi-laterally. Giving the owner realistic expectation’s for barefoot, booted or glue on. Demonstration Trim by instructor, Review and Questions Lateral Balance/Wall Flares/Mustang Roll • Checking lateral balance. Maintaining lateral balance of the hoof minimizes stress on connective tissues in the foot and on joints of the foot and leg. • Safely addressing irregularities in wall thickness. Hooves that have been allowed to grow too long or that are not laterally balanced will develop protrusions or irregularities in wall thickness. Students will learn how to safely remove these without over-thinning hoof wall. • Mustang Roll. A signature characteristic of the natural trim. Students will learn how to begin the roll from the bottom and finish it from the top.  Students will trim one foot on live horses. We will be working on moving around, getting in trimming positions and use of the hoof stand and tools.

Customer Checklist:

  • Age of horse

  • Disciplines

  • How often is the horse ridden and for how long

  • Type of terrain ridden on

  • Diet and supplements

  • Pasture size or stalled.

  • Footing in pasture

  • Past history any lameness or body issues, diagnosis of conditions

  • Horse happiness on scale of 1-10

  • Previous variations in the gaits

Maintaining records for each customer 

Day 3: Student trims and dissection’s.

Day 4: Going from shod to barefoot and the transition. Things to ask the owner how long have they been shod, what have they been used for, do they go barefoot in the winter, what are the owners expectation’s for barefoot? Taking of shoes and the first set up trim. Making sure the owner knows they should either transition into glue on the first go around or they have to have boots with pads. The transition with glues on is a little less painful than just boots. Students will be trimming hooves today.

Day5: Horsemanship and getting under a horse and using the stand with a live horses. Backs v fronts left side v right side. Young horses and training them to stand and give feet. Students will be trimming hooves today.

Day6: Horsemanship and naughty horse. Intro to tying up legs and draft horses. Students will be trimming hooves today.

Day7: Students will come in to trim a live horse and I will be the new customer. How brek over effects horses.There will be 2 horses to set up and trim today.

Day 8. Saddle fit and how it can effect a horses gait, attitude and well being. A more in depth look at anatomy and gaits.  Gaited horses and break over. Students will be trimming live horses today.

Day: 9  Marketing, book keeping, customer relations. How to do a business and marketing plan. Checking number of trimmers in a area.  Students will be trimming live horses today after the  lecture.

Marketing options:

  • Local adds at feed stores and business cards 

  • Craigslist ads do a few different ones with good quality pictures and a cleanly written bio and services. Why and how are you different?

  • Adds in local little nickel and papers.

  • Press release to send to horse journal’s

  • Add in the local horse journal’s Horse source, North West horse

  • Look for internet recourses to list you name on for bare foot services.

  • Have your own website and blog and do pictures on it.

  • Facebook and Instagram

  • Do talks with your local 4-H and pony clubs to promote barefoot practices and educate people

Students will trim horses today.

Day 10:  Intro to boot styles and glue ons, uses and fitting. Students will be doing trims.